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CS Server Advisor Surf Rust Admin Support Advisor Members
1. First Name: Gezora
2. Discord: Gezora#2840
3. Why should you get this position?: I'm active and know the rules of FN's Discord inside & out.
4. Do you agree to consistently maintain our following of Discord's TOS?: Yes.
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As much as I want to give you this position, every time you apply there is always one thing you are doing wrong, last time it was bypassing our filter and being obnoxious, this time its how you constantly screech and scream into your mic. It gives me a headache. 

Fix that and you can reapply, otherwise stop applying. And no, this does not mean talk less, this means learn to not scream when you rage like a literal baby. You sound like a girl screaming over her barbies getting crushed. It's sad.

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