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It's been a while since I've posted something here, as most of our stuff is communicated through discord I kinda tend to forget about posting here. So if you want more consistent up to date stuff, please join our discord located



But anyways, to keep this up to speed, several major updates have come to the community since our last one. This includes many changes and bug fixes, but also several new server additions. These are located below.


Beginner Surf


24/7 Surf Kitsune


102t Easy Bhop


Combat Surf


KZ Climb

Besides this, we have also been hard at work expanding into other games. These mainly consist of Minecraft and FiveM, but I have plans to expand out into Garry's Mod and Rust by the end of this year. So look forward to that! If you would like updates on our FiveM Servers, please join our discord for it located here. Moving on, like stated before, our partner minecraft community will be releasing its servers shortly, and info on this will be posted on our discord or on their forums @ https://mazora.net.


If you would like to apply for staff on any of our servers, please head to the sub forums of the designated server you'd like to apply for and your application will be handled by your appointed divisional advisor. If you have any bugs or suggestions, please post them in our discord or refer to the designated forums we have for those topics.


We also hit our record player count of 171 recently, as well as 1100 members in our discord, so I'd like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the massive amount of support you've given.




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