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Jailbreak Rules


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Fallen-Networks Global Rules

These rules apply to every aspect of our community, game servers, and other applications, along with all additions in the future.

Revision 2 - 10/6/2020


  • Please keep the voice and text chats english only.
  • Please keep racism or discriminatory remarks to a minimum.
  • Do not harass, antagonize, or bully other players.
  • Do not chat spam, mic spam, or intentionally talk over others.
  • Do not advertise other communities, discords, and or ips.
  • Do not impersonate our official members or staff.
  • Do not argue with admins about a punishment, if you feel it was wrong please report them on our forums.
  • Do not disrupt the community in any way.
  • Do not use cheats, hacks, scripts, or exploits of any kind.
  • Do not talk about topics that would otherwise be deemed disturbing to others. (Examples include gore, weird sexual acts, and illegal activities.).
  • All rules are subject to leadership discretion.





Fallen-Networks Jailbreak Rules

These rules apply to our CS:GO Jailbreak Server, you can find the ip for it here.

Revision 2 - 12/16/2019

Changes in bold


What is Jail Break?


Jail Break is a role-playing game mode which simulates a jail environment - players are divided into three groups: Warden, Guard and Prisoner.


Definitions of Common Phrases:

  • Freeze: You may not use movement keys. You may look around, jump and/or crouch.
  • AFK Freeze: You may not use movement keys, look around, jump, or crouch.
  • Contraband: All types of harmful grenades, primaries, secondary’s, zues, and jihad-C4.
  • Freekill/Freedamage: When a non-rebelling Prisoner is killed/injured by a Guard, respectively.
  • Baiting: When a Guard intentionally or unintentionally instigates a Prisoner into injuring them.
  • Gun-Planting: When a Guard purposefully allows a Prisoner to acquire a weapon.
  • Delaying: When a Prisoner purposefully delays following orders.
  • Shift/Crouch Walk: Holding shift or ctrl respectively while walking. You are allowed to jump during this unless stated otherwise by warden.
  • Directions: North, East, South, or West / North is located at the mini arrow on your radar, determine other directions based upon this.
  • Distance: One Step / Being told to “take one step” can either mean a single jump in a direction or being knifing distance from the location.
  • Bloodhound: When Warden gives a Prisoner the ability to snitch on another Prisoner in exchange for ST.
  • T-Secret: A secret is defined as an area, usually walked or broken into, that has any of the following: contraband, a see through room, a secret passage (A vent to Armory for example), or a teleporter. T's are considered KOS for entering into a secret.
  • Restricted Areas: Armory, vents, armory-hallways, Guard catwalks and areas that get restricted by the Warden. Catwalk is a path which only a Guard is supposed to or it doesn't lead to any games or other stuff ffor Prisoners
  • Last CT: Last CT must kill all prisoners in sight except the last two remaining, unless rebelling.
  • Last Request (LR): LR is given to the last two alive Prisoners. During this time, typing !lr in chat allows Prisoners to choose a minigame to play with the Guards.

Basic Rules:

  1. Do not talk over Warden.
  2. Do not join Guard if you are not going to be warden, unless there are more than 4 active wardens.
  3. When the Warden dies, all T's must freeze. All T’s are pardoned unless they are actively rebelling (inside armory/vents, etc.).
  4. To join Guard  queue type !g, to leave it type !l. To be Warden type !w.
  5. If cells are not open by 9:00, it is a Freeday. (Exception: Warday, cells must be open by 8:30)
  6. Warden is designated shooter when he says he is.
  7. All commands are singular unless specified otherwise.
  8. New orders cancel previous orders - Being told to "keep jumping" and then a new order of "stay crouched" means you should be holding crouch without jumping unless told otherwise.
  9. Between Orders, Prisoners must be given 3 seconds to follow a command, otherwise it is considered Delaying. If Prisoners are AFK Frozen they must be given up to 5 seconds, in case they are typing.
  10. Interfering with another Prisoner’s LR  is not allowed if unwanted by your fellow Prisoner.
  11. Do not influence RTV votes.
  12. On War Days Prisoners must also try to open their own cells before it gets turned to a free day, if a prisoner is outside of the cells and can open them, but doesn't, then they are delaying. If a prisoner cannot get outside the cells, or has died trying, and a guard does not open the cells, then they are delaying.



A Prisoner (also referred to as a T or Terrorist) seeks to win the round through rebelling, or following orders to achieve Last Request (LR) to kill Guards through minigames. If you rebel, you may only be pardoned by the Warden.
As a prisoner, you are rebelling if you ...
  • ... do not follow or Delay following orders given by the Warden.
  • ... do not drop contraband when told by a Guard or Warden after 3 or more seconds.
  • ... have a contraband out for 3 or more seconds unless told to do so by the warden.
  • ... are within a Knifing Distance or do not back away from a guard when told to do so.
  • ... go into Restricted Areas or T Secrets.
  • ... interfere with games or activate buttons / controls meant for Guards.
  • ... throw HE Grenades, Molotovs and/or Flashbangs.
  • ... leave cells before orders are given by the Warden or before a minute has passed.
  • ... cheat during games.
  • ... interfere with LR.
  • … use LR when not allowed. (Exception: Warday and Reverse OSPLR’s are considered griefing unless rebel option is chosen.)
  • ... are breaking vents.
  • ... teamkill your fellow T's.



A Guard must maintain control of the jail environment by killing Prisoners who are rebelling. They must protect the Warden as many Prisoners will try to rebel to kill the Warden to cause havoc and win the round. A Guard must pursue Warden when there is not one.
As a guard, you must NOT ...
  • ... be a Guard if there are not enough Guard’s with microphones attempting to be Warden.
  • ... be a Guard without a microphone if there aren't enough Guard's with microphones. (2/3rds of CT's must have a mic)
  • ... give false orders or impersonate the Warden.
  • ... open cell doors or press game buttons without Warden’s permission.
  • ... Freekill or Freedamage.
  • ... shoot into stacks or smoke - instead take cover and get the Warden to unstack Prisoners.
  • ... aid Prisoners in rebelling (Gun-Planting, Baiting, randomly opening Restricted Areas, not upholding orders).
  • ... break vents or go into them unless you see a Prisoner go through them.
  • … camp secrets or Restricted Areas.
  • ... kill prisoners for twitching (small mouse movements) when told to be AFK frozen.
  • ... play Prisoner games unless it is currently LR, a freeday, or required to persue a rebeller (or wardens permission).
  • ... be unable to see Prisoners, unless actively pursuing rebellers.
  • ... remove Contraband from secrets.
  • ... be in armory past 9:15.
  • ... be super strict. Have some fun!




A Warden is selected at the start of the round once a Guard types !w - only the Warden determined by the plugin can give Warden-type orders. The objective of the Warden is to eliminate Prisoners by giving clear & specific orders and playing games which results in killing losers and those who fail to follow orders. Every rule that applies to Guard also applies to Warden.
As a warden, you must NOT ...
  • ... open cells without giving orders.
  • ... keep Prisoners in cells past 9:00. (Exception: Warday, cells must be open by 8:30)
  • ... refuse to repeat orders unless you have repeated it once already without being disrupted.
  • ... put Guards in harm's way without their consent.
  • ... Revoke a freeday, warday or hide and seek given by another warden before 4:00 (round timer counts down).
  • ... restrict Prisoners from using text or voice chat.
  • ... give orders via text-chat. Orders must be given via mic-chat only.
  • ... give orders that refer to Prisoners as anything else other than "T's", "Terrorists" or "Prisoners".
  • ... use compass commands other than North, South, East or West.
  • ... give dishonest commands, for example: You can’t pardon a rebeller only to kill them once they come out even though they didn’t rebel since the pardon.
  • ... give excessive Trap Commands
    • Misleading the Prisoners by using terms that are closely familiar to the one they are waiting for you to say/type, for example: typo's, saying "goat" when awaiting the word "go".




The warden must follow the following guidelines when playing games to ensure a fair round:
  1. Games must be explained by the warden before starting.
  2. Games that are custom (not a map-game) must not be too difficult unless the warden can successfully demonstrate it in no more than 1 attempt.
  3. Games must give all Prisoners a chance to fairly participate and compete.
  4. Games must not delay the round, and they must be productive (there must be winners/losers).
  5. Games must not reward Prisoners with a prize to pick more than 2 Prisoners to die.
  6. Warden cannot play the same game twice if 50 percent or more Prisoners die as a result of the game. Warden may not however come back to a game he previously played after starting a new game.
  7. Warden may not set a diffrent time to finish a game by if there already is a winner, but he can say first x or furthest x by the time he set.
  8. A single game must not kill more than 50% of the participants.
    • Exception: This rule does not apply for luck-based games (see below).
    • Time based games ignore the 50% rule as long as adequate time is given.

Last Request


Once there are 2 Prisoners remaining, Last Request is activated. Prisoners can type !lr in chat to select a last request, rebel, or do a Custom LR. Guards must participate in all Custom LRs, if reasonable
  1. If Last Request is activated in the middle of a game, all participants must finish the game first.
  2. You must not use !lr on wardays.
  3. Prisoners cannot be given restrictive orders.
  4. Killing Guards  for no reason is considered rebelling.
  5. If you are rebelling, you must use the rebel LR or else you will be slain.
  6. Guards must comply with all reasonable requests.
  7. Guards may decline custom LR’s or unreasonable LR locations.
  8. You can cheat during a last request, but it is rebelling. This does not apply with only 1 CT remaining.
  9. Last Request must not delay the round.
  10. As a Prisoner, you can't kill a Guard that is participanting in another Prisoners LR. Its considered exploiting.
  11. If the prisoner doesn't say any rules, basic rules apply.
  12. In Russian Roulette or Hot Potato, it is considered exploiting to kill or get guards stuck in walls by abusing these two LR.
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Rules for specific games


Below are specific rules and exceptions to certain games. You are allowed to play any game that is not listed below as long as it follows the rules above.
  1. All questions must be factual and not opinionated or personal. You must ask all questions via text-chat only.
  2. Topic must be given before posting the question. They must also be something people would know. (For instance, making a topic about russia then asking who fucked putin on july 9th 2005 is not allowed)
  3. You may kill up to 20% of current Prisoners. (You may always kill one)

Luck-Based Games
  1. You must not play any luck-based game if there are more than 20 Prisoners participating.
  2. A luck-based game is any game that does not require any skill and instead requires 100% luck. (Examples: couch game, roulette, wheel of fortune, keep or pass...etc.)

First Reaction/Last Reaction
  1. You must not play this game as the first game of the round.
  2. You must not play this game if there are more than 10 Prisoners participating.
  3. You must tell Prisoners that you are now playing First Reaction / Last Reaction.
  4. When the Warden says "Last Reaction" then the LAST person to do the action dies - and anyone who does not do the action at all will also die - but when the Warden says "First Reaction" then the FIRST person to do the action dies.

Opinionated Games
  1. You must not play this game if there are more than 15 Prisoners participating.
  2. You must tell Prisoners what the game is before giving them the choice whether to play or not.
  3. Prisoners only have the choice of playing if more then 60% of people do not want to play.
  4. Prisoners must not change their mind once they have chosen whether to play or not.
  5. There must be at least 2 winners.

Simon Says
  1. Simon says can only start with “Simon says we are now playing simon says. Simon says I’m Simon” and end with “Simon says we are no longer playing simon says. Simon says I am no longer Simon”.
  2. You must not play this game as the first game of the round.
  3. You must not play this game if there are more then 15 Prisoners participating.
  4. Warden cannot trick T’s into simon says starting or ending – prisoners must not be killed for either following the command or not.
  5. Simon says commands must not be used to play other games.
  6. Simon says commands must not move prisoners in any direction (forward/backward/left/right).
  7. Simon says commands must not give more than one command out at a time.
  8. Excessive trap commands are not allowed, being very anal about simon says is stupid, and quick rounds are not fun.

  1. Hot lava is not allowed.
  2. The course must be completed in no longer than 3 minutes.

Gun Toss
  1. Gun toss is played by throwing the gun as far as you can from a specified starting point.
  2. Furthest in a specified direction is considered the winner.
  3. Weapons must be thrown before touching the ground.
  4. Custom rules are allowed.
  5. Gun toss must happen at an easily accessible location.
  6. Prisoners may not kill a Guard for ''delaying'' unless he is purposefully delaying.

Shot for Shot
  1. Both players must be at the opposite side of each other at a specified location.
  2. Once both players are at that location, the shooting may begin - running out of the zone does not pause the game.
  3. If shooting begins before the specified location or specified rules are stated, then the Guard is cheating or the Prisoner is rebelling (depends on who shot first) - this rule is implied unless stated otherwise (custom rules).

Special Cases
  1. TNT Run on jb_minecraft_beta may only be played with 10 or less Prisoners
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Special Days


The Warden must follow the following guidelines when giving Special Days:
  1. Any type of Special Day is allowed once every three rounds.
  2. A Special Day only starts when cells are open.
  3. Guards may not exploit teleports during Special Days.

Any special days not on this list or included in the warden menu are not allowed.

  1. Any type of day that allows Prisoners to roam freely without Guards active presence.
  2. Must be revoked by 4:00 at the latest.
  3. Modified Freedays are prohibited unless they're on this list below.
  4. Warden can restrict one area if
    • It doesn't lead anywhere else. (Another game, part of the map, etc.)
    • It only includes the area itself. (Not the hallway connecting, it etc.)
  1. Warday zones must provide Prisoners a safe path to get weapons and leave armory.
  2. Zones may not be accessible only via a closed-entrance (Examples: closed door or teleporter).
  3. Expansion time is 5:00
  4. Guards must not kill outside the Warday zone unless they are en route and were attacked first.
  5. Guards must not leave the Warday zone until expansion time.
  6. Prisoners must actively pursue the Guards
  7. Prisoners may not LR unless choosing rebel option.
  8. Prisoners may not kill or injure other Prisoners.
  9. Warday turns into Freeday if cells are not open by 8:30.
  10. Prisoners must try to open their own cells before it gets turned to a free day, if a prisoner is outside of the cells and can open them, but doesn't, then they are delaying. If a prisoner cannot get outside the cells, or has died trying, and a guard does not open the cells, then they are delaying.

  1. Guards must stay in armory.
  2. All Prisoners should find a spot to hide after cell doors are opened.
  3. Prisoners may hide anywhere except armory.
  4. Guards may not kill or injure Prisoners before expansion time unless the Prisoner is inside the armory.
  5. Prisoners may kill Guards with any type of weapon they acquire.
  6. Guards must kill all Prisoners they find except the last 2 Prisoners whom get LR.
  7. Prisoners may not kill or injure other Prisoners.
  8. Prisoners must be given a minimum of 1:00 to hide after cells are open.

Reverse Hide-and-Seek
  1. Guards must drop all weapons in armory and hide anywhere else in the map.
  2. Warden is to set an expansion time for the Prisoners to pursue the Guards in their hiding places
  3. Warden must open cell doors during expansion time.
  4. All Prisoners must pursue the hidden Guards.
  5. Guards may only use their knives to kill Prisoners once found.
  6. If two Prisoners are left, they can either LR or rebel.
  7. Prisoners may not kill or injure other Prisoners.
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