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[ACCEPTED] Community Moderator Application


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1. First Name: Nathan

2. Discord: KamiSetsuei#4410

3. Why should you get this position?:


I possess strengths in several attributes that make me stand out from other applicants. Empathy, respect, communication, and self-awareness.

Empathy lets me understand individuals easily and subsequently allows me to resolve issues efficiently; treating people with respect allows me to instill trust into the individuals that I deal with, thus releasing tension in conflicts that I may handle; communication is a fundamental skill that empowers my stance as a leader, and without it, I would not be able to effectively transmit my message to someone; strong self-awareness further vests my leadership stance, as the more I understand myself, the more powerful my leadership skills will be.

These four qualities, combined with my thorough understanding of the rules/TOS and my consistent activity within the Discord chat, VC, and forums, makes me a worthy contender for this position.


4. Do you agree to consistently maintain our following of Discord's TOS?: Agreed

5. Do you agree to consistently maintain the quality of our forum?: Agreed

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