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[ACCEPTED] Zextrah's Community Contributor Application


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First and foremost, I'd like to thank you on clicking on this application!


First Name:








Why should you get this position?:


I should get this position due to many reasons such as activity, maturity and relevance. I have constantly been in discord many hours of the day for over two years now and pretty much know each individual and how they type. I know how to instantly stop conflict and avoid arguments before they start. I have quick type speeds to remove problems almost instantly to keep the discord clean. I am very mature when it comes to being online, when I know something is wrong I'll got on top of it. If something personal is going on I will personally DM someone to be there for them instead of them complaining in chat which can put them in risk of being harassed. I always make people smile and am looked upon for that. I also have a very high relevance to the community considering I am leadership. Being in the community for four years gives an information aspect to when it comes to discord and the forums. I have been around long enough to know the inside and outs of conflict and information that flows throughout the two platforms. Considering I am already leadership, this position would be relevant to have. I'll always be on top of situations when it comes to the forums and/or discord.


Do you agree to consistently maintain our following of Discord's TOS?:


I solemnly swear to consistently maintain and follow the Discord's TOS and enforce others to follow it as well.


Do you agree to consistently maintain the quality of our forum?


I also solemnly swear to consistently maintain the quality of the forums, keeping it amazing all the time!




Thank you for reviewing this application, good luck to all the others!

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