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[Accepted] Se7enSinS Discord Mod App


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1. First Name: Joseph

2. Discord: Se7enSinS#6362

3. Why should you get this position?: I have been in the discord for a few months now and familiarized myself with the community and the rules of FN. I'm also pretty
active on the discord cause I hop on whenever I'm bored. JB is going to be coming out soon so I know the discord is going to get spammed by some JB kids every now and 
then so I could help stop that from happening. I also know that I have to be less toxic if I were to become discord mod so I will :)

4. Do you agree to consistently maintain our following of Discord's TOS?: Yessir
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Team Fortress Quality Assurance Advisor Members

You know what,

I'm glad you listened to my advice.

I believe you do have the potential to handle the role of discord moderator seriously, simply because you're one of the less idiotic mods in FN and you show a sense of seriousness, commitment and confidence in your ability.


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CS Server Mod Members


He is very good moderator in csgo so why would he not be a good discord mod

Instead of talking in fn discord all day, you should consider talking to some women in GTA.  Just some advice from ya good buddy peepee :]



ur mid


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