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[DENIED] Shapes Mod App


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1. First Name: Jack

2. Discord: shapes#0413

3. Why should you get this position?: I want to be able to delete harmful content on the Discord server and Fourms

4. Do you agree to consistently maintain our following of Discord's TOS?: yeah

5. Do you agree to consistently maintain the quality of our forum?: yeah

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Now while you may support our community in a multitude of ways, while also being an efficient staff member, your maturity in our discord is nothing short of childish. 

This is not the look we want as a discord mod, and as our discord grows the contiuation of childish activities such as spamming pictures, posting stupid memes, and all around acting childish will not be tolerated by a member of our community moderation team.

Feel free to reapply when you've adiquetely felt your maturity as a member increase, but until then this is denied.

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