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[ACCEPTED] Reid's Community Contributors Application


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1. First Name: Reid

2. Discord: reid#1337

3. Why should you get this position?:

  • Well I am very active in the community discord/forums.
  • I have experience moderating discord servers and forums.
  • I like to think I get along with everyone and can provide valuable moderation to the website/discord.
  • Normally I don't like being the guy with "power" but I really like this community, and the people in it. But I'd love to help out, and give back to the community by doing some volenteer work by helping out with moderation. I really do like this community, so I want to do what this title says, I want to contribute to the community. I like to think someone like me would be a good fit. =D

4. Do you agree to consistently maintain our following of Discord's TOS?: Yes of course.

5. Do you agree to consistently maintain the quality of our forum?: Yes, I am familiar with our rules and policies and will maintain them as they are listed.

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The reasons I haven't accepted this already is due to the worry you would be too strict from a couple incidents I've seen. Primarily when Mohammad had Osama Bin Laden as his pfp, and the recent time about the kid who said some stupid shit about military people. I want our chat to be lenient, but people there when things go ape shit, so if you are willing to follow this I'll gladly give it to you, otherwise I'm a bit weary.

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@Damien Yea, I can ease up. Certin subjects, especially children glorifing a man who was responsible for the deaths of family, brothers in arms, and more. It just gets to you, but I do have thick skin, and to be a contributor I should think more general, and get less emotional.

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